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Jackson Funeral Home

The Jackson Funeral Home, founded in 1906, by the late Frank B. Jackson and his wife Etta Waddell Jackson, is the oldest black funeral home in downstate Illinois.  The Jackson Funeral Home is known for its friendly, courteous and sympathetic services and has conducted services for many of the area’s most prominent citizens.

The late Etta Jackson would often share many interesting stories of the early days of the funeral home.  Their first hearse was pulled by two white horses and she would relate the difficulty in climbing the snowy and icy hills leading to Murphysboro Tower Grove Cemetery.  Unlike her white competitors and other black funeral establishments, Mrs. Jackson was well-known for her leniency in payment of overdue bills.  Many funeral bills went unpaid.  She related how one man, intoxicated and ridden with guilt, came by to pay his mother’s funeral bill which was twenty years old.

Founders and Co-Owners

In December, 1949, Mr. Frank B. Jackson went to his eternal rest.  Mrs. Etta Jackson continued to run the business with the assistance of Mr. John E. Jones, until his death in 1964.

In 1974 the present funeral director, at that time, Mr. James H. “Judd” Walker, continue to assist Mrs. Jackson in running the business.  Mr. Walker held Mother Jackson in high esteem and she continued to take an active role in the business until her health no longer allowed.  She went to her eternal rest in August, 1980.  Mr. Walker continue to run the funeral home and felted the Jacksons made an important contribution to Carbondale history and for this reason, the business is still called Jackson Funeral Home and will always be so.  Mr. Walker and his wife, Thelma carried the banner of high quality service in the Etta Jackson tradition. The area came to love the Walker’s and held them in the highest regard.  Until she went to her eternal rest in April, 2008 and he went to rest in November, 2011.

The Jackson Funeral Home offers high quality service at the most economical price of any funeral home in the southern region of the state.  With the very sparse number of black businesses in downstate Illinois, we can be proud of a firm that has served our region for nearly a century.  The Jackson Funeral Home is now currently home by Mr. Larry D. Walton, who was raised in the funeral business by the Jacksons and Walkers,  and he will continued the tradition as put forth by them.

Mrs. Etta Jackson, James H. Walker and Thelma